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Ever thought of the brands that make up Top 10 Leather Jackets Brands in the World?

1.All Saints:

This UK brand makes all jackets styles including Biker Bomber Black suede jackets among others. These Jackets are available in Europe China Japan, online and in shops.

2.Marc Jacobs:
A US based brand, Marc Jacobs makes Jackets especially for women. These jackets are then shipped to other continents and can be accessed online or offline.

3. Balmain:

Coupled with its super quality Balmain makes stunning designs popular among young fashionistas in the world.

4.John Vavatos:


Apart from clothes and shoes this brand makes leather Jackets their most popular brands. They can be found through retailers all over the world.


Gucci is a household name, their jackets are uniquely embellished with patches and thread works making it a beloved of youngsters and is usually associated with status class and power

6.Hugo Boss:

Known for its premium cuts and designs this German brand makes jackets mainly for men and can be bought online or offline.

7.Salvatore Ferragamo S.P.A:

Also Us based this brand makes trendy irresistible jackets which can be bought online or offline on all continents.

8.Harley Davidson:

Although a motorcycle manufacturing company these brand makes sporty breathable quality leather jackets for both men and women.

9. Burberry:

Known for their lightweight and quilted patterns given that the fabrics are hand picked, unique and luxurious, these Jackets available all over the world.


Also a US based coach jackets are known to have innovative hues leather s and the essence of nature they are also suitable for everyday use.

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